An understanding of professional Manicure and Pedicure procedures is a prerequisite to becoming a successful nail technician.This Manicure and Pedicure course will equip students with the necessary skills to offer their clients Manicure and Pedicure treatments. Students will become familiar with Health and Safety issues and will learn how to provide a full consultation for their clients

The course will involve:

Salon hygiene.    消毒程序理论
Health & safety.  卫生教育理论
Associated anatomy and physiology.   指甲结构
Equipment and supplies.    美甲材料学
Preparation of the treatment room.   准备工作
Contra-indications and contra-actions.  指甲禁忌
Manicure/Pedicure 修手指/脚趾 
French Manicure   法式修甲
2D Nail Art Technique   2D彩绘技巧
Marbilizing Technique 水染技巧
Nail diseases and disorders   指甲疾病
Introduction to Spa   SPA服务
Nail Tip Attachment 假甲佩戴
Color Theory 色彩学
Personal & Professional Ethic 专业服务态度
History   美甲历史
Gelish 芭比胶  
Practical instruction on massage methods of foot, lower leg, hand  按摩技巧
Aftercare guidance.  服务善后处理
Folk Art 民间彩绘技巧

Free All Nail Product & Tools worth RM 1,200 
课程赠送专业美甲工具价值RM 1,200整套产品

Duration : 25 classes3 hours per class                  25堂 / 每堂3小时

Our Nail Technology program provides students with thorough training in all the fundamental techniques of Manicure and Nail Technology. As well, students will become familiar with the use of the tools and equipment involved in the delivery and application of Manicure and Nail Technology services.

  • Nail Maintenance & Hygiene Knowledge 保养与卫生程序
  • Manicure & Pedicure 手部护理与足部护理
  • French Style 法式上色技巧及实操
  • Spa Manicure & Spa Pedicure Spa深层手足部去角质,美白敷膜护理
  • Paraffin Treatment 深层手足部滋养/干燥手蜜蜡护理
  • Buffing Skill 抛光技巧
  • Nail History 美甲历史
  • Color Theory 色彩理论
  • Nail Problem 指甲问题处理
  • Application Of Full / 1/4 / Artificial Nail Tips 假甲半贴片全贴片佩戴技巧
  • Nail Arts Technique ( striping / french / flower / marblizing / application of diamonds & rhinestones... ) 手绘彩绘 (线条/ 法式设计/ 尖形花/ 玫瑰/ 水染 / 砖石佩戴...)
  • Salt Glow Manicure & Pedicure 海盐手足护理
  • Client Consultation 顾客服务
  • Application Of Acrylic Overlay 水晶指甲基本理论及产品介绍
  • Application Of Gel Overlay 光疗甲
  • Artificial Fill Procedure 水晶甲光疗甲修补技巧
  • Application Of Sculptured Acrylics 水晶甲延长技巧
  • Application Of Sculptured Gels  光疗甲延长技巧
  • Filling & Soak Off Skill 卸甲技巧程序及修整护理
  • Sparkling & Color Gradient Design 璀璨甲
  • Basic 3D Nail Art 立体粉雕,圆点,水滴,爱心等
  • Advanced 3D Nail Art 立体雕花
  • Gelish 芭比胶
  • Gel Art 光疗彩绘
  • Folk Art 双色彩绘
  • Aftercare Guidance 服务善后处理
  • Nail Business Management 经营管理

Free All Nail Product & Tools worth RM 2,800 
课程赠送专业美甲工具价值RM 2,800整套产品

Duration : 6 month3 hours per class                  学时 6个月 / 每堂3小时